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TEMPORARY EXAMPLE:http://www.livejournal.com/users/relativ_layouts/

Well, obvisouly this is a ver personalized layout, but you can edit it very easily, just pop it ino paint, and change the last link and the name using the font SYSTEM if you want it to match. Have fun with this one. =]

The links BLINK! and there is a very cute bottom to the entries that my screenshot cut off!

Before adding code make sure FFFF00 IS IN PAGE BACKGROUND. Thank you.

1.) Make sure you have a website in your personal info. Some layouts will not work at all without this.
2.) Change all rhe 'Username' instances with your username. An easy way to do this is to open a text document. Paste the contents. Press control-H. In The first space type the word "Username". In the second, type your username.
3.) Make sure your journal style is set to S1 and that it is set on Generator.
4.) Leave all the colors on the modify page BLANK unless otherwise noted.
5.) If it still doesn't work you may leave a comment in full sentances explaining what is wrong. If I can't read it, I am going to ignore it.

Good Luck. Please comment if you take it.

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